Why Should Invest In Your Hearing Health

Why You Should Invest in Your Hearing Health

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Hearing loss is the third most prevalent medical condition people live with today. Though hearing loss impacts over 48 million people, it is still widely undertreated. It takes an average time of 7 years for people to seek treatment. This delay in treatment often affects health in a myriad of ways. Untreated hearing loss strains communication, relationships, and health. Treating hearing loss offers countless benefits that not only transform hearing but the quality of life. 

  • Strengthens Communication. The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids. These electronic devices are designed to absorb, amplify, and process sound. Providing the ears and brain with ample support, hearing aids maximize hearing capacity. Hearing aids alleviate symptoms that make hearing really challenging. These symptoms – tinnitus (ringing in the ears), distorted speech and sounds, indistinguishable words – strain communication, making conversations difficult to navigate. This can cause people to pretend to hear, ask others to repeat themselves, or lip read to help identify words. Hearing aids allow people to hear much more easily and clearly, increasing understanding of speech. This then enables more effective responding and communicating of thoughts, strengthening communication. People are better able to fully participate in conversations and be present in interactions with others. 


  • Improves Health.  Treating hearing loss also improves overall health in numerous ways. Untreated hearing loss increases the risk of developing other medical conditions. Extensive research shows that untreated hearing loss can contribute to cognitive decline, depression, and experiencing accidental injuries. Treating hearing loss alleviates these risks by: 
  • hearing aids provide significant support with processing sound which strengthens the areas of the brain that are responsible for speech and language comprehension. This support strengthens cognitive functions which improves brain health and reduces the risk of experiencing cognitive decline
  • Having greater capacity to hear also increases spatial awareness. People are more aware of the environment they are in and are better able to detect any hazards. This increases safety, reducing the risk of experiencing falls and associated injuries. 
  • A major effect of untreated hearing loss is social withdrawal. Because conversations become difficult to engage in, people with hearing loss often avoid them altogether. This means spending less time with others and participating less in social activities. Social withdrawal results in increased loneliness, isolation, and stress which contributes to depression.  Treating hearing loss alleviates this by maximizing hearing capacity which makes social engagement more possible and accessible. Conversations become less taxing and people can navigate communication seamlessly, preventing social withdrawal. 

Improved brain, mental, and physical health supports people thriving and living quality lives.  

  • Improves Relationships. Communication is essential for relationships. Untreated hearing loss often strains relationships by taking a toll on communication. In fact, research highlights that people often report feeling unheard and ignored by their loved one with hearing loss. This produces tension, frustration, and even distance in relationships. Delaying treatment often exacerbates these feelings and can really create barriers for connecting. Treating hearing loss transforms communication which has positive effects on relationships. Conversations become more accessible and easy to engage in. This makes spending quality time with others more possible and pleasurable. People can share in the intimacy of conversations, jokes, and all of the small and big moments that make relationships special. 

  • Improves Quality of Life.  The numerous benefits of treating hearing loss improve quality of life. Being able to hear and navigate environments with greater ease allows people to show up differently. People can be more present, fully engaged, and have an easier time being in spaces and conversations with others. This boosts confidence, independence, sense of self, and overall happiness. Treating hearing loss supports people across all environments which enriches social life and encourages full participation in favorite activities and hobbies. Hearing loss no longer is a barrier that contributes to stress and anxiety. Having your hearing needs met increases accessibility and comfort.  This includes in one’s work environments which makes managing responsibilities easier, enhancing work performance. These multifaceted benefits profoundly enhance wellness and quality of life.  


Investing in your hearing health can benefit every aspect of your life. You can commit to prioritizing your hearing health by taking the first step which is simple: scheduling an appointment for a hearing test. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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